I have struggled for so long to find a good relationship with food! Always searching for diets, always saying ill start tomorrow... and for so long, i was honestly throwing up everything i ate. I felt defeated for too long, Shakeology finally helped me realize how important it was for me to fuel my body with what it needs.. and my healthy eating habits kept getting better and better as i educated myself. I started a food blog to help you reach your goals to! Make sure you look at it to find healthy snack ideas! Click the fork above to view the blog.

I finally learned how to just live a healthy lifestyle and LOVE everything about it. I don't know what took me so long, i let society get the best of me.. but the struggle is only positive now and i look forward to coaching anyone who wants to join this beautiful life with me! 

My man Tyler and i have a dream to stay healthy and fit forever and have learned how to teach YOU how to share the same journey and get support while building your dream body and even a business if you had the drive to. Click the button below to view our team site!

If you have been wanting to try Shakeology, i say.. stop waiting. If you are looking for a fitness family and maybe a workout program.. beachbody is where its at. They have a ton of challenge packs you could choose from or you can always just get shakeology and add that to your gym workouts. OR both. I love having a option of things to do.. it makes fitness fun and variety in your fitness is important. I would love for you to contact me if you are interested at all about what i do, and how you could do it too... even if you are unsure just email me, lets chat... i would love to hear from you and help you reach your goals!

  If you don't want to email me first you can check out shakeology and beachbody challenge pack, and join my team by clicking the button below.

We all dream of living a life that we create.. of earning a living at what we love to do, of finding that perfect person to share our life with and of always remaining happy, fit and healthy. We all dream of having a good time every day.. & of always being around beautiful things. Everything we dream about won't come true, but the more we chase after our dreams, the more our dreams become a reality! 

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I have been a licensed hair artist for almost 4 years! Click the hair button below to see some of my hair portfolio.